Horton Marine Services for assessments, repairs, and installations



Horton Marine Services is swiftly becoming recognized in the greater Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. areas for its reliable services and quality systems.



Nathan H., ABYC and Hamilton Jet certified, has been working on boats since his early teens.  With over 15 years professional experience working on a variety of vessels from small recreational boats to high-end luxurious yachts, Nathan H. can expertly diagnose any issues your particular vessel may be experiencing and can make repairs, new system recommendations and provide clean installations.

Matt J. has over 10 years of marine industry experience with specialization in electrical and mechanical system repairs to keep your vessel’s systems running smoothly. Matt J. is also ABYC and Hamilton Jet certified.

Aaron M., the newest member to Horton Marine Services, brings 10 years of marine-specific carpentry experience to any job, and is able to customize storage pieces and covers that fit into your craft.